The WetSpark Team:


    Rion Motley is the Managing Partner of WetSpark Innovations. After he and Micah had collaborated on a several consulting projects, the decision was made to join forces and develop new products and solutions for the open market, while maintaining flexibility to continue consultancy as needed. More recently, Rion has headed up aerodynamic design, and flight dynamics and controls for the team's UAV project.
     He holds a B.S. in Biology from Old Dominion University, which significantly influenced his design practices. The control systems implemented on the current UAS are patterned after avian and mammalian nervous systems, and the STAK ballistic composite was initially inspired by biological polymers found in the extracellular matrix.
     With an innate ability to bring together concepts from seemingly disparate fields of study, and a broad range of skills, he adds a distinctive 'T-shaped' knowledge base to the WetSpark team.


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